Welcome to the Drouin Bowling Club Inc., situated in the rolling green hills of West Gippsland, in the heart of Victoria’s dairy country.

Our club, founded in 1941, has a current membership of approximately 150 and is an integral part of the Drouin community. We welcome visitors from all around the region. Our excellent bowling facilities include a grass green and an all-weather Needle Punch synthetic green surface.

If you are new to lawn bowls, you are welcome to use the club’s bowls and one of our coaches will be happy to get you started and introduce you to the sport.

If you are an experienced bowler, we offer a competitive atmosphere that will encourage you to play to your best capabilities.

Lawn bowls has something for everyone. It can be played as a social activity as well as a competitive sport.

Come and play at Drouin. We are sure you will have a long and happy association with our club.